How to Duplicate the Shared Airtable Base


If you haven’t already, please sign up for Airtable. It is free!

  1. Paste the invite link from the order confirmation email into your web browser
  2. Next to the “WP Care Plan Base [DUPLICATE BASE]” label, click the arrow
  3. In the popup that appears, click the three dots
  4. Click “Duplicate Base”
  5. Rename the Base, or remove “[DUPLICATE BASE] (Copy)” from the title
  6. Select your Workspace (most likely it will be: My First Workspace, or whatever you have renamed your Workspace to)
  7. Click the “Duplicate base” button
  8. Click “Done” and navigate back to You will now see the base in your workspace

Note: Since Airtable shows users (Names and Emails) that have accepted the invite link on the original Airtable Base, I would strongly suggest removing the shared base once you’ve cloned it.

If you did not receive the link to the Airtable base, please contact us.

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